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Matthew McConaughey Is Dying for a Cheeseburger and More Celebrity News

Matthew McConaughey Is Dying for a Cheeseburger and More Celebrity News

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As the week ends and Thanksgiving is around the corner, we look back at where our favorite celebrities have been dining before they sit down with their families. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunited at La Culina and The Darby gets A-Listers for the second time this week. Also, Matthew McConaughey is starving, seriously.

Restaurant Buzz

Looks like they're back at it again. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunited at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills. The couple were seen holding hands during their meal at Culina Restaurant. [NY Post]

Tobey Maguire, Bradley Cooper, Liv Tyler, and Miranda Kerr went to New York City's The Darby after the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards to celebrate Maguire’s wife, nominee Jennifer Meyer. [NY Post]

Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller had cocktails at The Paley Center in New York City. [Celebuzz]

Jerry Seinfeld and his family brunched at new eatery Sugar and Plumm in New York City. [Celebuzz]

Kate Walsh dined with boyfriend Chris Case at Beverly Hills' Scarpetta. [Celebuzz]

Seen and Heard

Matthew McConaughey went into full detail to about the decadent meal he plans to have post-filming of The Dallas Buyer's Club, waxing poetic about the perfect cheeseburger. "I'm going to have buns with butter on both sides, toasted and grilled," he said. "I'm going to melt the cheese on the top bun, Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. I want kosher dill pickles sliced nice and thin, diced white onions, slightly grilled until they get almost hard, and some thin jalapeño slices. And then I'm just going to sit back and let the [expletive] just drop on the ground." [HitFlix]

Sofia Vergara headed into a photo booth at a pal's wedding with her girlfriends and ate wedding cake while taking photos. [WhoSay/SofiaVergara]

Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan went to a sports bar for beers and bar fare while watching a football game. [Instagram/JennaDewan]

Eyes down for a game of apocalypse bingo with Matthew McConaughey

M atthew McConaughey became a bingo caller for the residents of an assisted living facility in Texas last week and I started to realise that it’s all gone a bit 1970s, hasn’t it? I don’t mean that sitcoms are racist again or that bin bags are piling up in the streets, although, for those of us who are lucky enough to be able to work from home while semi-dressed, the concept of a regular work week is starting to lose its shape, like a baggy old pair of pants. Which, incidentally, may also have been deemed a suitable work outfit, not so long ago.

Like seemingly everyone else on the internet, celebrities have begun to put a retro filter on their lockdown activities. McConaughey playing bingo is a big 70s vibe, but the pinched optimism of Good Life potential is everywhere, which might be why banana bread is having such a moment. I saw two members of Little Mix on the BBC talking about learning how to cook, baking and calling their mums. Victoria Beckham is tie-dying T-shirts.

This practical turn marks a shift from the high hopes some of us had for using our time well when the lockdown began. It was all self-improvement this and reading list that. I talked about starting a book club. I signed up for a four-week course in Irish language and culture, but it’s been three weeks and I’m languishing at 15% of week one: Rebecca is ainm dom. Instead, I’m hoovering up articles that say it’s normal to spend entire days and nights refreshing news pages in a state of idle despair, because these aren’t ideal circumstances to do much of anything else, with apologies to key workers, who must be thoroughly over people moaning about boredom and these endless catch-up guides to all the telly you simply must watch.

As hashtag content goes, in the watchability stakes, a low-level hum of inert worry is more Andy Warhol’s Sleep than Avengers: Endgame. I’ll take the chirpy do-something celebrity stories over the ones carping on about mansion life – oh, the horror, which garden shall I choose? – because at least it throws up some curveballs. Would McConaughey have found his calling as a caller if he had not been forced to take time off from movies? Though I think he missed a trick by not doing it all in a True Detective mumble. I’m pretty sure there’s a charity money-maker to be had in a Zoom-able edition of Matthew McConaughey’s Bingo Noir. Severed Legs Eleven, anyone?

Matthew McConaughey Lost So Much Weight He Almost Went Blind

Today in smart decisions that actors make, Matthew McConaughey, long known for going big or going home (to play shirtless bongos) lost close to 50 damn pounds to play a dying AIDS patient in his new film Dallas Buyers Club. Weight wasn't the only thing McConaughey lost — apparently his vision started to go out, too.

Matthew immediately consulted doctors, “who confirmed that when you starve yourself you begin to lose your vision.” Thankfully, it wasn’t permanent, the insider tells In Touch. “They monitored him, and things are back to normal now.”

It's not surprising considering the amount of stress extreme weight loss puts on your body — plus, what could he have weighed to begin with? He's not exactly large and in charge to begin with — I'm guessing he began at a buck fifty at most. THAT'S JUST A GUESS, I'M NOT ACTUALLY A SCALE. Anyway, pass that around as fact, and let's hope he finally got to indulge in some of those hamburgers he described so graphically . [ In Touch ]

Emaciated Matthew McConaughey Is Dreaming of a Very Specific Cheeseburger Feast

So, obviously we all know that Matthew McConaughey has been majorly slimming down this season to…

Mariah Carey is leaving American Idol because it's a sinking ship and also because she's launching a world tour.

Hell yeah! Dream lover, come rescue me. [ Perez Hilton ]

Bon Jovi reduced ticket prices in Spain because of the financial crisis and also because he's awesome.

"We did a study and we saw that due to the economic situation Spain wasn't going to be on the roadmap. But I didn't want to leave out fans from a country I love that has treated me well for 30 years," he said.

He's so great. Unrelated, but one of my college roommates cross-stitched the chorus of I'll Be There For You onto a pillow for her boyfriend and a week later he broke up with her. What an idiot. [ NY Daily News ]

Michael and Dina Lohan eat hamburgers together, for Lindsay's sake. [ Perez ]

Zachary Quinto and a pug eat ice cream together, for our sake. [ Buzzfeed ]

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian (still not totally sure who this is) are making a reality TV show based on "their reality". It's gonna be nucking futs because there's no gravity in their reality and all animals can talk. I can't wait! [ People ]

New Kardashinan Klan photo sesh — no Kanyes allowed. [ Perez ]

Vince Gilligan says a Saul Goodman spin-off from Breaking Bad is "indeed worth doing." Seconded! Better call Saul! [ Splitsider ]

Ben Affleck is now a doctor — bet you didn't see that coming! [ CBS ]

Neil Patrick Harris is gonna host the Emmy Awards. Iɽ like to officially request that he do the whole thing in song as Dr. Horrible. [ LA Times ]

Adding his name to a list of everybody, Lance Bass is scared for Amanda Bynes. [ People ]

Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard shepherded Lincoln Bell Shepard on a wonderBELL stroll. I don't think that worked. [ People ]

Unrelated but also related: Has anyone ever been to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles? I just moved here and I'm dying to go. SORCERY! [ Abracadabra, bitches ]

Um, I'm pretty sure we all need to adopt this dog. WORK THAT HEAD TILT, GIRL. [ Independent Labrador Retriever Rescue of Socal ]

Academy Award Appetites: What the Oscar Nominees Do (and Don't) Eat

If you take a look at this year's class of Oscar-nominated actors and actresses, the first thought that comes to mind may be that they've all been on quite the diet roller coaster lately. Some severely limited their calories (like Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club), while others put on a bit of weight (like Christian Bale for American Hustle), and others just stuck to the foods they enjoy &mdash no part required.

Here we give you the scoop on what the stars were craving and eating (or not eating) leading up to this year's red carpet event.

Christian Bale trimmed down for 2010&rsquos The Fighter, but his body needed a bit more padding for 2013's American Hustle. The Best Actor nominee packed on more than 40 pounds to play the paunchy, comb over-wearing Irving Rosenfeld.

Bale told People it wasn't hard to begin his binge: "I ate lots of doughnuts, a whole lot of cheeseburgers and whatever I could get my hands on. I literally ate everything that came my way."

Eventually that gorge fest took its toll. After two months, Bale said his body started to rebel. "It's just saying, 'No, please!'" Ultimately the actor went from 185 pounds to 228, and he told People, "I'm still working it off." But we're pretty sure he'll be at his fighting weight for the big ceremony.

If Christian Bale earns the award for best weight gain, Matthew McConaughey is a contender for most transformative weight loss. To play HIV-positive Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey lost 47 pounds by severely reducing his caloric intake. In January he told reporters, "I was losing 7 pounds every week." How did he do it? "I'd have a Diet Coke, two egg whites in the morning, a piece of chicken, then another Diet Coke. That was rough," the actor said.

While on the weight-loss plan, McConaughey figured out some inventive ways to stretch his meals. "I found tapioca pudding and I found the tiniest little antique spoon in New Orleans, a little bitty sugar spoon, and I would eat it with that so it would last longer," McConaughey explained.

While the actor ultimately got to a weight that fit the role &mdash a mere 135 pounds &mdash he's been open about how difficult it's been to bring his body back. "The gaining was trickier than the losing," he said. "It's more fun, but it's also trickier."

For his first meal, McConaughey downed a cheeseburger. "Your body remembers that it lived at 182 pounds and it wants to sprint back and you have to pull the reigns and go, 'Whoa! We gotta take it easy.' It's a marathon," McConaughey said. After his initial indulgence, TMZ reported that McConaughey's weight gain diet consisted of mostly fish, asparagus, eggs, nuts, and sweet potatoes.

Political ambition

McConaughey even cited his belief he has things to "teach and share" in his recent announcement that he might make a bid to become the governor of Texas.

To get the gig, heɽ have to unseat the incumbent Republican Greg Abbott at the next election in November 2022.

This isn't the first time McConaughey has hinted a move into politics and excited fans are dying to know what he would do in power.

Last year, McConaughey was asked about running for office on The Hugh Hewitt Show.

"I mean, that wouldn’t be up to me," he said.

"It would be up to the people more than it would me."

Although there's been speculation he would be a Republican candidate if he did run, he's not publicly declared which party he's registered to.

Texas has elected Republican governors at every election since 1995, when George W Bush took the role before becoming president in 2001.

So some believe McConaughey could be a Republican to improve his electoral chances but he has openly expressed some typically Democrat views in the past.

He endorsed mask wearing early in the pandemic and during an appearance on Good Morning Britain in December, he said: "You need liberals."

But he was quick to qualify the comment by expressing concern about growing radicalism on the left.

"What I don’t think we need is the illiberals, and what I don’t think that some liberals see is that they’re often being cannibalised by the illiberals.”

Matthew McConaughey Speaks Out About His Dramatic Weight Loss

By this point, you've probably seen the scary skinny photos of Matthew McConaughey, who has shed 38 pounds for his role as an AIDS patient in the movie "The Dallas Buyers Club," which he started filming this week. Now, for the first time, the actor is speaking out about his dramatic weight loss, and reveals how he's feeling having reached his goal weight of a shocking 143 pounds.

"I feel good now," the 43-year-old tells HitFix. "Overall, [I] probably got 35 percent less energy. But the tough part is there have been plateaus. Getting past 170 was really hard, but then once you get 167, the next seven come off easy. Getting past 160, really hard, but then you fly down to 150. Getting past 150 was really hard and then, bam! Got down to 143 and that's where I want to be. So, once you get past the plateau, your body seems to understand, 'OK, this is where we're leaving now, this is where we are,' and so the energy rises."

McConaughey, who is nearly 6 feet tall, says that through the process he discovered that his diet had more of an impact on his weight loss than his exercise regime did. "I'm doing cardio but I'll tell you what, the more I've learned is — and I think it comes with age, too — is it's 90 percent diet," he explained. "It's 90 percent amount and then what you're eating because right now I'm not losing any more weight if I burn 1,500 calories — two hours of cardio in an afternoon — or if I don't. It doesn't matter. It's a matter of how much I eat or how little I eat."

The actor notes his appetite has drastically decreased throughout his slim down, and when the movie wraps and he can return to his old diet, he'll proceed with caution. "The organs shrink, so my stomach has shrunk as well," he says. "So as much as I can't wait to have that cheeseburger, on that day, it'll be damn hard to eat the whole thing." But make no mistake — he is already planning exactly how that burger will be prepared. "I will have some 70 percent beef, 30 percent fat ground beef, maybe a half pound cheeseburger with another three types of cheese," he shares. "I'll prepare it all [myself] and I'll make sure that it takes three hours just to prepare. I'm going to have buns with butter on both sides, toasted and grilled. I'm going to melt the cheese on the top bun [and add] Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. I want kosher dill pickles sliced nice and thin, diced white onions, slightly grilled until they get almost hard, and some thin jalapeno slices. And then I'm just going to sit back and let the [expletive] just drop on the ground."

McConaughey arrived in New Orleans earlier this week to start shooting the indie flick, and in photos of him taken at the airport he appeared gaunt with his pants hanging off his frail frame. Over the summer, while talking about his weight-loss challenge for the film, he told Larry King, "I should not look healthy by the time I'm doing (the role)." As for what inspired him to go to such an extreme, he added, "I just kinda dared myself. I haven't been this light since I was in the ninth grade. I'm kind of looking at it as sort of a cleanse, it's a bit of a spiritual cleanse, mental cleanse."

"The Dallas Buyers Club," which also stars Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto, is expected to be released in 2013.

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After 20 years of insults, Kwame Brown proved revenge is best served flaming hot

The former No 1 overall pick in the NBA draft has been ridiculed for years as a bust. This week, in hours of YouTube rants, he set the record straight Kwame Brown talks to Kobe Bryant during his time with the Lakers in 2006. Photograph: Andrew D Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images Before the NFL’s JaMarcus Russell there was the NBA’s Kwame Brown. Like the former Raiders quarterback, Brown was a top draft pick whose bevy of physical gifts marked him as the kind of transformational player who only comes along once in a generation. But unlike Russell, who was a star in college with LSU first, Brown had that burden placed upon him while still a teenager. Brown made history as the first NBA player to go No 1 straight out of high school when Michael Jordan’s Washington Wizards came calling in 2001. And if he didn’t go down as a Hall of Fame-bound great in the mold of other straight-from-school players like Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett, well, Brown figured to be at least as brilliant as Jermaine O’Neal or fellow McDonald’s All-American Tyson Chandler. When Brown turned out to be neither of those things, he became easy fodder for “all-time draft busts” clickbait, inspiration for this ur-Stephen A Smith rant, an argument for bringing back the NBA age limit and a punchline for a thousand basketball podcasts – even player-hosted safe-spaces like Showtime’s All The Smoke. In a recent episode reformed NBA tough guys Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson sat down with Gilbert Arenas, the clownish Steph Curry antecedent turned podcast host. When asked about his time with the Washington Wizards, Arenas circled back to his four seasons with Brown. And as much as he tried to tout Brown as a potential best-ever No 1 who had the misfortune of starting his career on the same team Jordan chose to end his, Arenas couldn’t resist calling Brown a “man child” and “show pony” while rubbing in how he seized primacy on the Wizards in a final blow to Brown’s confidence. All the while, Barnes and Jackson snickered along. But Brown, in a welcome twist, wasn’t having it. Puffing a hookah from his home with action figures in his likeness and a key to some city in the background, Brown took to YouTube and unloaded on the trio for more than an hour. Throughout, the 39-year-old effectively labeled Jackson a fake gangster turned fake social justice warrior, Barnes a tragic mulatto and Arenas an Uncle Tom who perpetuated the bust narrative by being a lousy teammate on the Wizards. Brown further recommended the podcast try discussing bigger problems instead of rehashing his career. So of course Barnes and Jackson doubled down. On ESPN’s The Jump, Barnes feigned surprise. “I get where he’s coming from,” he said. “He’s kind of been the butt of jokes coming into the league and not being able to live up to that No 1 potential. If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at MJ for picking you No 1.” On Instagram, Jackson was unrepentant. “Your whole career was dirt, your whole life is dirt and it ain’t my job to pour more dirt on you,” he said, wishing him “nothing but success” nevertheless. At the time of writing Brown’s responses to their responses had elapsed more than four hours and effectively seem to say, “if you can’t take the heat, don’t name your podcast All The Smoke.” It’s enough to make you wonder: Where has this guy been all along? Even after bursting onto the scene out of Glynn Academy in Georgia, Brown would remain wary of a basketball media that still feasts on all things Jordan – and rightfully so. We savored Jordan dismissing Brown’s hands as too small for his 7ft frame and we made a meal out of him allegedly reducing Brown to tears in a practice – and all while we gently set aside the part about Jordan’s reported use of homophobic slurs like pin bones in a salmon filet. Brown did attempt to correct the record while working as an analyst on’s coverage of the 2017 draft, saying, “Michael never brought me to tears.” But the rejoinder came too late and was hardly loud enough to cut through noisy and gleeful critics like Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith – whom Brown, fed up with 20 years of disrespect, has challenged to “mutual combat.” The internet, however, has evened the playing field and Brown, at last, is happy to turn up the volume. When he wasn’t hitting back at his established and arriviste media critics, he was untangling interesting ideas like the impact of LeBron James’s activism on less celebrated players (“imagine the guy who’s on a 10-day contract who needs every bit of this money … not agreeing with LeBron …”) or relating the difficulties of navigating healthcare after the end of an NBA career – a salient point that was lost in the crossfire between him, Barnes, Jackson and Arenas. Again: Where has this guy been all along? And what is it about him that makes for such a convenient punching bag? After all, it’s hard to say Brown was a complete bust. JaMarcus Russell ate his way through the NFL and was out of a job after three years. Brown hung around the NBA for 13 seasons. He started nearly half of his 625 career games and averaged 22 minutes during the regular season. He was traded three times and grossed more than $63m in career earnings. For a kid who was the product of a broken family, who overcame homelessness, who subsisted on free lunch programs, who wore hand-me-down clothes, who couldn’t afford shoes big enough for his feet, and who hailed from a town that has gained infamy as the site of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, Brown looks more like a great American success story than another caption entry for the all-time bust slideshow. (You can’t tell Brown his life isn’t gonna be a movie someday…) Not even Lenny Cooke – the phenom who at one point was the highest-rated prospect in a high school cohort that included James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Amar’e Stoudemire – has to suffer smirking hoops heads rehashing his Icarus-like fall. Where Cooke is seen as a sympathetic figure, Brown draws nothing but ire. Perhaps things would have been different if, like Cooke, he hadn’t made the NBA at all. Take the No 1 pick out of the equation, and Brown’s an upgrade over the vast majority of tall and stiff forward-centers who came before him. He can’t help it if the Wizards liked him more than Tyson Chandler (second overall), Pau Gasol (third) or Tony Parker (28th). What’s more, it wasn’t as if Brown was on some post-playing quest to rewrite the warped popular narrative about him. He was minding his own business when Barnes and Jackson came for him. Now, I’m not telling you anything Brown doesn’t say himself. And not all of his counterattacks were in bounds. In addition to the n-bombs and other explosive insults, his meandering rants don’t hold back on expletives or casual misogyny. But if you can stomach that, you’re gonna love when he takes partial credit for Kobe’s 81-point game in 2006. Brown, a more than serviceable “dirty work” player, firmly believes Kobe would not have been able to post those numbers if Brown wasn’t his teammate setting hard screens. Player beefs in the media are a dime a dozen Barnes, Jackson and Arenas – instigators to the end – are perennial all-stars when it comes to stirring the pot. But credit where due: Brown was the sleeping giant who should’ve been roused a long time ago. And now that he finally has our undivided attention, let’s hope another 20 years don’t pass before this Brobdingnagian teller of truths so much as thinks about going silent again.

It looks like we finally know Marvel’s next major villain who will replace Thanos

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Marvel’s next Disney+ MCU TV show is rumored to feature at least one massive cameo. That should be par for the course for any Marvel movie or TV series. The only way to tie these projects together is to have some cameos and Easter eggs in each …

Matthew McConaughey Has More To Say About 'Illiberals' And 'Extremes On Both Sides'

From petting a mountain lion while high on peyote to his father dying during sex, Matthew McConaughey’s seemingly never-ending press tour for his recently published memoir “Greenlights” has been full of revelations.

But perhaps nothing has drawn more attention than the actor’s comments about the current political divide in the United States.

On Russell Brand’s podcast last week, the “Dallas Buyers Club” star said he empathized with Trump supporters who wouldn’t accept the results of the presidential election partly because of how certain progressives “condescend, patronize and are arrogant towards the other 50%.”

Now, McConaughey is speaking out once again against what he calls the “illiberal left” and “extremes on both sides” of the political spectrum. In a conversation Tuesday with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on “Good Morning Britain,” the actor touched upon topics such as cancel culture and freedom of speech.

“You need liberals. What I don’t think we need is the ‘illiberals,’” McConaughey said. “What I don’t think that some liberals see is that they’re often being cannibalized by the illiberals. Now, there are extremes on both sides that I think are unfair. … The extreme left and the extreme right completely illegitimize the other side, the liberal and the conservative side, which we need in certain places.”

‘Some liberals don’t see they’re being cannibalised by the illiberals.’ @McConaughey explains he thinks free speech and both sides of being political debate are ‘illegitimatised’ by the other [email protected] | @susannareid100

&mdash Good Morning Britain (@GMB) December 15, 2020

McConaughey went on to claim that it’s “not fair” for Democrats and Republicans to “exaggerate [the other] side’s stance into an irrational state,” placing the blame at the feet of both parties.

“Where the waterline is gonna land on this freedom of speech and what we allow and what we don’t and where this cancel culture goes — where that waterline lands is a very interesting place that we’re engaged in right now as a society of trying to figure out,” he continued. “We haven’t found the right spot.”

The Oscar winner, who has previously described himself as “in the middle” politically, said elsewhere in the interview that he believes confronting different viewpoints is the only way to achieve unity.

“That’s when a democracy works really well,” he said. “I would argue we don’t have true confrontation right now, confrontation that gives some validation and legitimizes the opposing point of view. We don’t give a legitimacy or validation to an opposing point of view, we make it persona non grata, and that’s unconstitutional.”

McConaughey’s comments over the past few weeks have sparked some speculation about the actor’s own political aspirations.

On “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” earlier this month, the native Texan addressed reports that he was considering running for governor in his home state.

“I have no plans to do that right now, as I said. That would be up to a lot of other people,” McConaughey said, adding, “I don’t get politics. Politics seems to be a broken business. Politics needs to redefine its purpose.”

If McConaughey had his way, he would push for a science-backed centrist approach to find common ground and help bridge the political divide.

“I wanna say I’ll meet you in the middle,” he said on Brand’s podcast last week. “It’s a move to say, ‘No, let’s get aggressively centric. I dare you.’ It’s not a recession. It’s an aggressive move.”

Matthew McConaughey joined his mother, Kay, his pregnant wife, Camila Alves, and their kids, Levi and Vida, for church services in Austin yesterday. Matthew wore a heavy ensemble that covered up his shrinking frame. He's in the midst of losing 30 pounds for his upcoming role in The Dallas Buyer's Club, a film about an AIDS patient who smuggles alternative drugs into the country to help himself and others suffering from the disease. Matthew will be joined on the big screen by a just-added Gael Garcia Bernal.

Matthew recently told us that his first postshoot meal will be a cheeseburger, and he luckily won't have to wait much longer. Filming is set to begin in New Orleans next month with a likely wrap by the end of the year. He's been focused on spending time with his family and losing weight over the past month. He was absent from a full press push for his latest, The Paperboy, which still managed a strong showing at the box office in limited release over the weekend.

The actor ate small amounts of fish, vegetables, tapioca pudding, and egg whites to stay trim and rarely exercised

The actor said he would eat 5 ounces of fish for lunch and dinner, small amounts of vegetables with each meal, and egg whites for breakfast. His daily treat would be a small amount of tapioca pudding.

"I found tapioca pudding, and I found the tiniest little antique spoon in New Orleans, a little-bitty sugar spoon, and I would eat it with that so it would last longer," McConaughey told a crowd of reporters at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Fish is commonly cited by dietitians as a lean source of protein helpful for people looking to lose weight . Vegetables are also considered one of the best weight-loss foods, as they are a low-calorie source of fiber and nutrients.

Jumping from the calorific diet McConaughey was likely eating to build muscle for his role in "Magic Mike" (which required washboard abs) earlier in the year to this low-calorie diet would also have dramatic results.

The actor also rarely exercised during his preparation for "Dallas Buyers Club," as it seemed to make no difference in his weight loss. Cutting out muscle-building workouts like lifting weights can decrease your muscle mass, leading to a drop in weight on the scale.

"It didn't matter if I was going to the treadmill and burning 2,000 calories a day or not, 2.5 pounds a week," McConaughey said.

Matthew McConaughey Celebrates a Hot Cover With His Pregnant Wife

Matthew McConaughey had pregnant Camila Alves, wearing INC International Concepts, by his side at The Bungalow in Santa Monica last night. They were celebrating Matthew's Nylon Guys cover and the accompanying spread, which has him talking about film roles and family. Matthew also chatted about his wife and kids on the red carpet at the event yesterday, saying that he's been cooking big meals at home for them even though he can't eat them. He's losing weight for his role in The Dallas Buyer's Club but has plans to indulge in a cheeseburger immediately after he's done filming.

Matthew's thinner frame was on display during a recent vacation to Spain with friends. Camila wore a bikini while Matthew went shirtless for the sunny outing — make sure to vote for Matthew and your other favorites in our 2012 Shirtless Bracket!

Watch the video: #ConanCon: The Cast Of Game Of Thrones Full Interview - CONAN on TBS


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