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Bacon boiled to death with pepper and paprika

Bacon boiled to death with pepper and paprika

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The bacon is portioned and put in a pan, sprinkled well with salt.

It is kept in salt for 4-5 days and returned daily.

Remove from salt, wash with cold water and allow to drain.

I skipped this stage because the bacon I received was ready to be salted.

Put the bacon in a saucepan and pour the cabbage juice on top and fill with water, if necessary.

Put the bay leaves, pepper, coriander, allspice, paprika and onion cleaned and left whole.

Boil on low heat for 1 hour, until the fork enters the bacon slightly.

Put a lid on and let the bacon cool in the juice in which it boiled.

Remove and set aside on a plate.

Sprinkle with smoked paprika and finely ground pepper on all sides and place cold (on the balcony).

It can be stored in the freezer for longer.

Good appetite!