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Pork meat in sour cream sauce with mashed potatoes

Pork meat in sour cream sauce with mashed potatoes

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Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into cubes, then boil them in salted water until they penetrate.

Cut the meat into suitable pieces, put it in the pan, add the oil, milk, dehydrated vegetables, salt, chili flakes to taste.

Cover the pan and boil the meat in the milk, until the liquid drops and the meat penetrates.

Add the cooking cream, dilute the starch in very little water, pour it over the food, mix, let it thicken for a few minutes, turn off the heat and sprinkle a lot of fresh dill and paprika.

Drain the water from the boiled potatoes, add the butter, mix.

Put a little milk, mix and repeat the operation until you get the desired consistency in the puree.

We served food with a delicious lettuce from the garden. ;)

Good appetite!

Pork meat in sour cream sauce with mashed potatoes - Recipes

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Greek style chicken soup
Smoking soup
Tripe soup
Celery and potato cream soup + croutons

1. Pork alms with polenta
2. Pork schnitzel with rice with mushrooms and cabbage salad
3. Smoked ladder with beaten beans and pickle salad
4. Small with french fries and mustard
5. Eggplant stuffed with rice and vegetables
6. Cordon Bleu menu -15 lei (served with french fries and ketchup)
7. Pasta with chicken and white sauce
Pancakes with jam-3 lei


Meatball soup
Tripe soup
Chicken noodle soup

1. Tochitura with polenta and mujdei
2. Chicken pulp with mashed potatoes and pickles
3. New cabbage with sausages
4. Chicken schnitzel, baked potatoes, pickles
5. Cordon Bleu menu -15 lei
(served with french fries and ketchup)
6. New cabbage with polenta


Tripe soup
Peasant chicken soup
Bean soup
Bean soup with smoked meat

1. Spinach with egg and polenta
2. Marinated meatballs with puree and cabbage salad
3. Pork schnitzel, baked potatoes, cabbage salad
4. Put the cauldron with polenta
5. Mushroom ciulama with polenta
6. Blue cord menu -15 lei -served with french fries and ketchup
7. Mackerel with polenta and mujdei-15 lei
8. Trout with polenta and mujdei-28 lei
9. Hams with mujdei and polenta

Cake with blueberry jam-3 lei
Amandina -5 lei

Tripe soup
Pork soup
Poured chicken soup
Cream of tomato and croutons soup

1. Potato mousse with pork
2. Chicken liver, white sauce, baked potatoes, pickles
3. Chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes and pickles
4. Beaten beans and pickles
5. Beef pulp on a tray with red sauce on a bed of vegetables and rice -17 lei
6. Cordon Bleu menu -15 lei
(served with french fries and ketchup)
7. Smoked pork meat with baked potatoes and cabbage salad -12 lei

Pancake with jam-3 lei
Bohemian cake with walnut cream -5 lei


Beef soup -7 lei
Belly soup
Chicken soup with dumplings
Bean soup

1. Chicken with sour cream and polenta
2. Pork leg on a tray with puree and cabbage salad
3. Salt bread with natural potatoes
4. Chicken meat on a tray with rice with mushrooms and cabbage sauce
5. Eating pickled potatoes
6. Cordon Bleu menu -15 lei
(served with french fries and ketchup)
7. Trout with polenta and mujdei -28 lei
8. Mackerel with polenta and mujdei -15 lei
9. Crispy wings, noisette potatoes, cabbage salad -13 lei

Pork meat in sour cream sauce with mashed potatoes - Recipes

Marinated pork meatballs

Meatballs prepared with pork are combined with a tomato and kapia pepper sauce that turns them into the perfect mix of tastes. Add them to a creamy mashed potato for a decent meal.

Ingredient: pork pulp, garlic, potatoes, eggs, flour, tomato juice, kapia pepper, onion, butter, dill, salt, spices.
Allergens: eggs, flour (gluten), celery, butter.

Weight: (choose below)


A classic Italian dish, to everyone's liking, cooked in the oven following the step-by-step recipe from layers of fresh minced meat, with tomato sauce and creamy Bechamel sauce.

Ingredient: beef, pork, pasta, parmesan, mozzarella, butter, milk, fresh basil, nutmeg, tomato juice, onion, flour, carrot, celery, garlic, salt, spices.
Allergens: celery, milk (lactose), eggs, flour (gluten). May contain traces of mustard and soy.
Weight: (choose below)

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Ingredient: pork chop, chicken breast, butchers, garlic, wine, onion, butter, carrot, tomato paste, oil, spices.
Allergens: wine (sulfites), butter (lactose), soy.
Weight: (choose below)

Pork sausages

A traditional recipe prepared at home, with cabbage leaves, pork and beef mixed with rice and hardened vegetables in the perfect mix of spices.

Ingredient: pork pulp, beef pulp, bacon, onion, rice, tomato paste, sauerkraut, salt, spices.
Quantity: (choose below)

Brasov steak

Baked dish according to an old traditional recipe, made from tender pork tenderloin with browned potatoes and onion strips that perfectly balance the flavors on the plate.

Ingredient: pork tenderloin, potatoes, onions, garlic, butter, sweet chilli, green parsley, spices.
Allergens: butter (lactose).
Weight: (choose below)

Potato stew with butcher sausages

For gourmets who want a full and tasty meal: the potatoes and butchers brought together will be to the liking of everyone in the family.

Ingredient: potatoes, butchers, onions, garlic, tomato paste, thyme, bay leaves, spices.
Allergens: soy sauce, gluten.
Weight: (choose below)

Sarmalute in beef leaves

A popular alternative to sauerkraut in cabbage leaves, with the same tasty composition of pork and beef that makes them undeniable at meals with loved ones.

Ingredient: pork pulp, beef pulp, rice, tomato paste, onion, vine leaf, thyme, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

Baked pork steak

Baked, fresh pork leg, marinated and simmered until tender and juicy.

Ingredient: pork pulp, garlic, hot peppers, paprika, thyme, mustard, cumin, salt, spices.
Allergens: mustard, sulfites (wine)
Weight: (choose below)

Escalope on a puree bed

Pork cutlet cooked to order in tomato sauce and fresh champignon mushrooms, on a bed of creamy puree, seasoned with milk and plenty of butter.

Ingredient: pork chop, champignon mushrooms, butter, tomato juice, garlic, flour, mashed potatoes (potatoes, milk, butter), salt, spices.
Allergens: milk (lactose), flour (gluten).
Weight: (choose below)

Cabbage in Cluj

A traditional dish, specific to the Transylvania area, cooked with a mixture of pork and beef, fresh white cabbage and au gratin with cream and cheese.

Ingredient: beef pulp, pork pulp, white cabbage, onions, rice, sour cream, cheese, tomato paste, eggs, bay leaves, salt, spices.
Allergens: eggs, milk.
Weight: (choose below)

Macaroni with cheese and ham

Ingredient: macaroni, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, prague ham, spices.
Alegeni: flour, eggs, milk, soy.
Weight: (choose below)

Baked bolognese pasta

Famous in Italian cuisine, the Bolognese sauce prepared with baked pasta gives birth to a dish loved by the whole family.

Ingredient: pasta, beef, pork, onion, garlic, carrot, celery, tomato paste, mozzarella, parmesan, chili, olive oil, spices.
Allergens: gluten, lactose, celery.
Weight: (choose below)

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Spaghetti with spicy tomato, garlic, parmesan and basil sauce - 350g

Tagliatelle with ripe life

Beef, tagliatelle, sun-dried tomatoes, wine, zucchini, mushrooms - 400g

Spaghetti garlic, oil and chili

Spaghetti with garlic, parsley, chili - 350g

Tagliatelle with zucchini, spinach and mushrooms

Taglialtelle with egg, olive oil, spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet cream, garlic and parmesan - 350g

Spaghetti consisting of minced beef, white onion, celery, tomato sauce with wine, parmesan, sprinkled with aromatic oregano - 410g

Spaghetti with crispy bacon, sour cream sauce with parmesan - 350g

Eggplant feathers and fried capers

Pasta, eggplant capers, onions, garlic, tomatoes - 350g

Tagliatelle with creamy cream sauce, salmon, cognac - 350g

Spaghetti with seafood

Spaghetti al dente drawn in olive oil with garlic, peperocino and parsley, along with shrimp, squid and shells sprinkled with wine - 410g

How to make mashed potato sauce

Despite the fact that in Europe, potatoes appeared relatively recently, and in Russia it was generally delivered only by Peter the Great, it is difficult to imagine a real meal without this product. It is now cooked in a large number of options: fried, boiled, but especially everyone is in love with mashed potatoes.

However, eating it & # 8220gol & # 8221 quickly becomes boring. That's why a wide variety of sauces have started to appear, which easily enrich this incredible dish. A well-cooked sauce can easily make even the simplest dish incredibly tasty. In this article, you will learn how to make a variety of sauce from a wide variety of ingredients.

ingredients Number of
pork & # 8211 200 g
onion & # 8211 ½ pcs.
cream & # 8211 100 g
flour & # 8211 1 L tea.
water & # 8211 100 ml
vegetable oil & # 8211 1 L. tea.
garlic & # 8211 1 prong
salt and spices & # 8211 for taste
Cooking time: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 276 Kcal

This variety of varieties is relatively universal, so it can be easily added not only to mashed potatoes, but also to other dishes. Unfortunately, this recipe is very rarely used. However, when cooked properly, it will be an incredible addition to the potatoes.

Pork recipe for mashed potatoes step by step:

  1. Pork should be cut into small pieces. Put them in a pan that has been heated with vegetable oil and fry for a while. When the meat changes color, add water to the pan and wait for it to boil
  2. Add flour, salt and spices (nutmeg, cloves, pepper and bay leaves are perfect). Mix well and wait until the pork is completely cooked
  3. After that, you should pour the cream and reduce the heat on the stove. During this time, chop the onion, pass it lightly and add it to the meat. After that, cool the sauce slightly and add the garlic. If you want, you can add some fresh plants for freshness.


Meatballs in mustard sauce with sour cream is a simple recipe, very tasty, quick and easy to prepare. The meatballs are soft, fluffy, fragrant and delicious. I think the best meatballs with white sauce. The recipe for these pork meatballs dressed in rich and fine creamy mustard and sour cream sauce is an adaptation of the recipe for Swedish meatballs & # 8211 köttbullar and is so tasty that I guarantee you will do it whenever you have the opportunity.

I used it for this meatball recipe in mustard sauce with sour cream semi-prepared meatballs.

Pork meatballs Moldova in dishes are the semi-preparations that housewives will fall in love with from the first experience in the kitchen. They are delicious and easy to cook, and their presentation will be to the liking of the whole family.

We all want to prepare tasty food, with good dishes, guaranteed quality, but also to get out of the kitchen quickly. Vascar, the meat and canned food company, owner of the Moldova in Bucate brand, had a very good idea, so cooking will seem more of a fun, so that any beginner in cooking will be able to impress his family and friends with its preparations.

Moldova's new line of semi-finished products currently includes five products: Pork meatballs, Moldovan parjoale, Pork meatballs, Mici Taranesti and Minced pork and beef. They are prepared from meat with controlled origin and benefit from an innovative production technology that guarantees superior nutritional qualities and a delicious taste.

You can find these freshly cooked, refrigerated pork meatballs. They are not frozen!

At the moment, they are sold in the Carrefour hypermarket network from all over the country, but also in the 21 own stores in the region of Moldova.

I leave here some tips for these meatballs in mustard sauce with sour cream to come out very, fluffy:

  • 1. Roll in a little flour before cooking
  • 2. fry in a little oil, over medium heat, just enough to be browned on the surface, they will be cooked in sauce
  • 3. Do not put many meatballs in the pan to turn them over
  • 4. put the meatballs to boil in the sauce for about 5 minutes.

As a gasket next to these meatballs in mustard sauce with sour cream you can have mashed potatoes, natural potatoes, sauteed vegetables, baked potatoes, pasta or rice. I chose to serve them with pasta and I think I made a very good choice.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare it meatballs in mustard sauce with sour cream.


600 g pork meatballs Moldova In Bucate

50 g flour for wallpaper

frying oil to cover the bottom of the pan

400 ml chicken or beef soup

200 ml sour cream for cooking

1 generous tablespoon mustard

To be served:

a few strands of green parsley

I invite you to follow the preparation method in the video recipe below

Similar recipes:

Pork paprika with mushrooms and sour cream.

Paprika prepared from pork with onions, mushrooms and sour cream

Pork chop with ham and mashed potatoes.

Fried pork chop recipe, served with rice garnish and mashed potatoes and hard boiled egg slices and greens on top.


Creamy mushroom sauce with sour cream and garlic is a very simple and very quick sauce recipe that can accompany any type of steak, brine, snits, meatballs or pasta.

Creamy mushroom sauce recipe with sour cream and garlic it is very tasty and can be prepared even by a beginner in the kitchen. It does not require complicated ingredients or special preparation techniques.

It is important to use good quality cooking fat cream. The final taste of this sauce and the flavor it brings to the food it accompanies depends on this.

I often used it next to chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes, next to cordon bleu, baked chicken steak, grilled pork but also to accompany a portion of pasta.

If you want to see how you can prepare a good chicken schnitzel, with tender meat, without being dry as a shoe sole, I invite you to click here to read the recipe. You can find the blue cord recipe if click here.

I leave below two pictures that will speak for themselves about the associations we have made over time, because this creamy mushroom sauce with sour cream and garlic it is one of the most prepared sauces in our house.

A sauce can complete the taste of a food. For the most part, meat can look fada without a salad or sauce.

Chicken and fish in particular need juices to bring juiciness.

Another reason why you need sauce on your plate is that it brings a big plus from an aesthetic point of view.

In the end, a food attracts us first of all for the way it looks, then for the smell, and the taste comes only at the end.

In other words, pasta without sauce has no charm.

The good part about this creamy mushroom sauce with sour cream and garlic is that it can be prepared in advance and only heated and placed next to food or pasta.

Now I leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare for creamy mushroom sauce with sour cream and garlic:


(the quantities below are enough for 250 g of pasta)

500 g medium mushrooms

400 ml sour cream for cooking

To prepare the creamy mushroom sauce with sour cream and garlic, we started by cleaning the mushrooms. I washed them with very little water, then let them dry completely.

After they dried, I cut them into slices while I melted the butter over low heat and sautéed the sliced ​​garlic. You can also chop it into cubes.

After 30 seconds I added the onion and sautéed it until it softened and became glassy. I added the sliced ​​mushrooms and sautéed them until they left no liquid.

I extinguished with wine, let it evaporate, stirring during this time in the pan, then I added salt and freshly ground pepper. I poured the cream for cooking and let it boil over low heat until the volume dropped by half and it thickened.

Do not rush, this happens in 10 minutes (max 15) and you have to stir from time to time.

After I stopped the fire I added the green parsley and mixed.

So simple and so good!

You will definitely impress your family and friends with this creamy mushroom sauce with sour cream and garlic. This may be the detail that changes the taste.

I wish you more cooking and I would be happy for you to send me pictures of your dishes.

I invite you to subscribe to my youTube channel for recipes in the video version

Meatballs with yogurt sauce and mashed potatoes

The minced meat, onion, dill, salt, pepper, thyme and garlic are put through the mincer, and the obtained paste is mixed until homogenous, and it will be shaped into meatballs.

Place the meatballs obtained in the pan and place in the oven heated to 180 degrees C for 20-25 minutes.

While the meatballs are baking, you can prepare the sauce as follows: wash the cucumbers, cut them in half lengthwise, remove the seeds with a teaspoon and then either cut them very finely from the knife or put them on a large grater. . Then mix all the ingredients and match the taste of salt and pepper.

For the puree garnish, clean the potatoes, boil them in water with a little salt, drain the water and mix well with the melted butter and sour cream and, if necessary, add a little salt. After obtaining the puree, mix for half a minute with a hand mixer, to obtain a fine consistency.

The meatballs are served with puree and sauce, with a quality wine! Enjoy your meal!