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Plum dumplings like Denta

Plum dumplings like Denta

The first time I peeled the potatoes and boiled them with a little salt. While the potatoes were boiling, I put the semolina in hot oil and browned it. I added cinnamon, 150 gr sugar and I added warm water a little at a time, until the semolina softens well and increases its volume (it must remain so that we can roll the dumplings through it, not watery)

After the potatoes are cooked, we strain them and pass them as for puree. Then after it has cooled well, add the flour and eggs and make a malleable dough. Roll the dough and divide it into equal parts, then shape each piece. We put a plum and make the dumplings, we shape them with our palms, round.

In a saucepan put water with a little salt and let it boil, then put the dumplings. When dumplings rise to the surface it means they are cooked. We take them out in cold water, then we strain them well and then we roll them in semolina. We place them on the plate and serve them hot or cold, they are just as appetizing (at least for me)

Great appetite.

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