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The US Is Selling Record Numbers of Organic Groceries

The US Is Selling Record Numbers of Organic Groceries

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US organic sales reached $43.3 billion in 2015, eleven percent more than 2014, and the most the industry has ever accomplished

We’re still obsessed with organic food, as it turns out.

The organic bubble has not yet burst. Organic produce is a huge concern for consumers as we shy away from processed foods made in factories, or, at the very least, food with pesticides.This year, the organic industry reached a whole new record: $43.3 billion in organic sales last year, or 11 percent up from the previous year.

Organic sales have been increasing steadily for the past decade: Nearly five percent of all grocery sales in America are organic, and almost 13 percent of all produce sold in the country is now organic, according to the Organic Trade Association.

"The industry joined in collaborative ways to invest in infrastructure and education, and individual companies invested in their own supply chains to ensure a dependable stream of organic products for the consumer,” said OTA's CEO and Executive Director Laura Batcha. “Despite all the challenges, the organic industry saw its largest dollar growth ever. Organic will continue to be the most meaningful farm-to-fork—and fiber—system.”