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Get Pizza Delivered Anywhere With the Push of a Button

Get Pizza Delivered Anywhere With the Push of a Button

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We can see that this would be useful after a night of partying.

Do you ever find yourself staring at a stack of pizza menus, thinking “do I want classic Neapolitan?” “Or what about a Margherita pie?” “Or am I inebriated enough to get the loaded Buffalo chicken blue-cheese stuffed-crust behemoth from down the block?”

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Meet the Push for Pizza app: an app that takes any and all complication out of ordering pizza. Whereas Seamless, Domino’s, et al are trying to give you more customization options, this app simply lets you press a button for pepperoni or plain, and BAM, through the magic of GPS locators, a pizza delivery man shows up at your door (or wherever you are) like a delicious-ex-machina. You don’t even have to scrounge for a few singles for tip — it’s already included in the ordering process.

The anytime/anywhere app was created by a group of college friends (because, of course) and is being heralded as “the Uber of pizza.”

Check out the intro video for the boys’ re-enactment of their “a-ha moment,” and download the app itself.

By the way, we heard that the “Push team” may be working on an umbrella app for ordering other types of food.

For the latest happenings in the food and drink world, visit our Food News page.

Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi

Choosing the best church app builder

When it comes to communication today, mobile is king. Mobile phones are so prominent in our daily lives that Americans spend over 5 hours every day on their mobile devices.

To connect with today’s mobile culture, thousands of churches are using church app builders to create their own custom mobile apps. With the right church app builder, you can deepen your connection with your community by putting your sermon videos, media, blogs, events, and other content in the hands of your church members anytime, anywhere—not just on weekends. You can also increase your donations by offering convenient in-app giving.

Choosing the best church app builder is one of the most effective ways to digitally connect with your church community. Here’s how using the right church app builder can increase your reach, encourage generosity, and engage your community like never before.

Cosori Pro Air Fryer

The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

We purchased the Cosori Pro Air Fryer so our reviewer could put it to the test in her kitchen. Keep reading for our full product review.

Air fryers have become one of the hottest new kitchen appliances because of their efficiency and ability to whip up healthier versions of some beloved fried favorites. I’ve used air fryers before, so I knew exactly what to cook with the Cosori Pro Air Fryer. Cosori has a few different air fryer models and the Pro version comes in two sizes: 5.8-quart and 3.7-quart. I tested the 5.8-quart version, which is also listed on some retailers as the Cosori Air Fryer Max XL (but has since been changed on the manufacturer website to, simply, the "Pro").

I lined up the vegetables, sandwiches, pizza rolls, and fries and looked up recipes online for more inspiration. From breakfast to dinner to snacks to baked goods, I air-fried just about everything. Keep reading to see how this air fryer stood up against the competition.

The Spruce Eats / Donna Currie

Live Updates

Mr. Monroe would not specify which agencies use the wireless imaging systems made by his company, PhotoTelesis, based in San Antonio. But military publications, articles by military officers and information on PhotoTelesis's Web site suggest that the company's technology has been used to monitor drug traffickers and identify military targets.

''The interesting thing there is that we already have PhotoTelesis systems on intercept aircraft,'' Mr. Monroe said, referring to military planes, including the F-14 fighter jet and Apache helicopter. ''The government wouldn't have to spend money there -- youɽ just have to link it to the commercial aircraft.''

The customized cameras for aircraft -- Mr. Monroe calls them ''smart'' cameras -- carry sensors programmed to detect a variety of things: heat, movement, engine failure, a change in temperature or altitude.

In addition to the video stream that is activated when a crew member hits a panic button, Mr. Monroe said, his system would continually would feed digital images into a new type of 'ɻlack box'' that could also help investigators reconstruct events leading up to a crash.

Moreover it would protect airplanes while unattended. ''When the plane is unoccupied on the ground, the system works like a sophisticated burglar alarm,'' he said. ''It can sense motion and then transmit images to patrol car patrolling a ramp.''

Or if a plane is commandeered while on the ground, digital images from inside the plane could feed directly into wireless display devices in the hands of SWAT teams. ''If you can see what's going on in the aircraft and you know where the people are and what kind of weapon they have, your chances of success greatly increase,'' he said.

E-Watch, another company started by Mr. Monroe, has a test surveillance system in a Houston school, which is meant to avert violence like the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999.

Mr. Monroe's patent attorney, Robert Curfiss, said Mr. Monroe had already been issued four patents related to his surveillance technology, and several more have already been approved. He also said that Mr. Monroe had more than a dozen other related applications pending.

Mr. Monroe said that his surveillance system -- unlike other security systems, like those involving face-recognition technology -- required few trade-offs between privacy and security.

''You can restrict transmission of video unless someone has tripped the alarm,'' he said. ''If no one pushes the button, or if the plane doesn't go into some wild maneuver, you wouldn't be sending imagery anywhere except to a black box, which records over itself every 30 minutes. I can't imagine anyone would object to that.''

Pizza Cone Oven

Pizza in a cone is the favorite snack that we used to enjoy in a round shape and now in a cone. It is a delicious snack and used everywherelike in market, school, restaurant. Concept of cone pizza also makes the pizza falls into the category of street food. Cones of fluffy dough with sumptuous toppings are baked quickly, neatly and deliciously. Over the decades of years with the production of static inductions, it’s time to use the hot pizza cone oven machine.

For cone pizza, we suggest the new rotary oven powered by electricity or gas. There is not a major difference between electric or gas ovens. Generally, gas ovens are better for larger productions and cook pizza evenly. On the other hand, electric ovens work well when it comes to mobility like food trucks.

Pizza Cone Oven features

  • Confined area – The size of machine is so compact that it can comfortably fit in even a smaller space. The machine is designed in a manner that you can fit it anywhere easily. This leaves more space to other things.
  • Easy operation – The machine is very simple to use. It is fully automatic. Just one skilled person is needed to operate the machine. It has manageable buttons to operate for setting temperature and time.
  • Capability – Pizza cone oven machine is best when it comes to power consumption. It produces more in less energy consumption. It bakes perfectly to the core of dough so that is doesn’t remain raw. With optimal size and shape.
  • Formation quality – The pizza cone are put in ring shaped holder. This will get rotated inside the machine. The rotation helps the dough to bake perfectly from all sides. Rotation will let the cone consume heat from all sides.

Following are some of the characteristics of these rotary pizza cone oven machine that grab the attention of people:

• Limited Dimension:

The rotary ovens are compact in size. They can fit everywhere easily. They also recognize the need of optimizing the use of free space. Therefore, they can be installed in smallest of places.

• Performance:

Pizza cone ovens has low power consumption (minimal amount of electricity or gas). They combine with a large baking capacity and increases the performance to its fullest. It needs minimal time of pre-heating and bakes very fast. It provides cones with large baking capacity.

• Quick Responses:

It is widely known that service at a street place can be hectic from one moment to another. Orders can suddenly multiply by 10 times. Quick responses in any work load are very important. These flexible and rotating pizza cone ovens are available to respond in any given circumstances.

• Construction Quality:

The pizza cone rotary ovens are produced in the highest standards with material from the best house. They also guarantees the strong lifelong performance and endurance of the ovens.

• Certification:

Every product has some certified marks. These ovens are also incorporated in CE characterization. They are produced according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

• Easy to Use:

Thanks to its unique design that makes it safe and easy to use. Even the most experienced worker can handle large enclose pizza with the push of a button. Cones are put into the ovens, pass through the baking cycles, come out in just 3 minutes and are ready to be served. Oven case can be easily opened for cleaning and maintenance.

It’s staggering design, the bright interior, the glass store, the shimmering internal and external surfaces, the superior rotary mechanism design along with minimal design elements keep on the others, an impressive look, that captures the attention of every customer.

Pizza cone oven helps in flawlessly baking the dough for a perfect cone with soft and crisp taste in it. Pizza cone oven has a larger capacity to bake 12 cones at one time. An LED display briefs you about the set temperature. Set it between 300’F to 400’F and pre-heat for at least 10 minutes. The machine will be ready for use. It fulfills all needs of medium sized outlets. Material used in machine is Cast Iron mould, carbon plate cover and stainless steel cover. This machine consumes around 2 KW per hour.

Pizza cone oven machine can be made available in bigger sizes which will be useful for big restaurants and outlets. The machine is very simple to use with all control buttons available. Also, the authenticity and quality is assured as the product is produced conforming to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

30 Things Every American Should Know Before Moving To India

Business Insider The Weirdest Things About America, a collection of casual observations of the USA by an Indian exchange student, is a hilarious and insightful critique of American life. It is twice as entertaining to those who know India.

Nellie Thompson, my girlfriend and co-author, and I both lived in Mumbai as working professionals--she for six months and I for the better part of a year. Here we offer our own casual observations on what we, as Americans, found amusing, thought-provoking, and downright strange about life in India.

We lived in Mumbai's Bandra neighborhood in an area called Pali Hill--a leafy, historically Christian enclave best known for its heavy expat presence and its close proximity to Bollywood. Though we travelled quite a bit within the country and explored Mumbai extensively, we merely scratched the surface of what India has to offer. We do not claim to be authorities on India, but we did walk away with a profound love for the country.

In that spirit, we wanted to share our anecdotal (and completely subjective) observations from our time there. We invite readers to share their own experiences, as well.

Click here to get the low down on life in India>

About the authors: Nicholas Kapur heads products and development for SumZero, a collaborative research platform for investment funds. In India, Nick managed business development projects for a US-based financial services firm.

Nellie Thompson is a public health nutritionist and an Indian food enthusiast. She consults for HealthxDesign, a Brooklyn-based organization that promotes community health through urban design. She also does branding and marketing for doublehighfive bk. In India, she was a research fellow for the strategic philanthropy firm, Dasra.

How Tovala Works

You buy a Tovala oven, which costs between $249 and $349 depending on the meal plan you select, and set it up on your countertop. Depending on the aforementioned meal plan, you will receive between three and twelve meals weekly. I’ll describe a few of the selections later, and as a PSA, you’re going to be hungry after reading about them. If you’re already hungry, now is a good time for a snack to stave off the hangriness.

When you’re ready to prep your meal, you pull the cardboard-wrapped stacked metal containers out of the fridge, follow the simple instructions on the side of the packet (which will be one or two steps at most, such as sprinkling a spice pouch over a chicken cutlet or drizzling sauce over a fish fillet), then scan the barcode on the side of the packaging. Now insert the metal trays, close the oven, and push the start button. From there on out, your oven does all the work.

By all the work, I mean it will cook your meal at a variety of alternating temperatures and using varied techniques, such as first steaming away at one heat setting before switching to a hot broil for a perfect sear, for example. Or it will bake then steam to ensure perfect tenderness. Or it can re-heat pizza so well that you’ll swear it made you a new pie. Also, as odd as this seems, a Tovala oven will make the best, most evenly-toasted toast you’ve ever laid a tooth on … using steam.

At $12 each, the meals aren’t exactly a steal, especially if you’re cooking for more than one person. But $12 is a lot less than you’d pay for a meal at a fine dining restaurant, yet the meals you get from Tovala are prepared by top-quality chefs. As promised, some examples of the meals include:

  • Pork and Kimchi Stew with Sweet Pea Brown Rice, Gochujang Sambal, and Pickled Cucumbers
  • Eggplant Escabeche Roasted Salmon with Tuscan Black Lentils and Salsa Verde
  • Broccoli and Cheddar Risotto with Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Kale, and Garlic Herb Vinaigrette

There are dozens more, too, as the menu is refreshed weekly, with new options added regularly and favorites cycling back through from time to time.

There’s no easier way to enjoy the taste of restaurant quality food at home with less prep work (and cleanup) than by using this smart oven. You can even check the progress of your food from a paired app, which can also be used to guide you through the few prep steps some meals require.

And of course, you can use the Tovala Steam Oven to cook non-Tovala brand foods, too. But then you’re on your own as far as the smart of it all goes.

Most Innovative Grills and Smokers 2020

"A design-forward charcoal grill that fires up in seconds and has oven-like temperature control, allowing grilling enthusiasts, and home chefs alike, to dial in their culinary creativity."

This Charcoal Grill Might Change Grilling for Good

"The most precise grill you can buy."

Smart Cooking Gadgets for the Smart Cookie on Your List

"The Spark One is a smart grill that takes everything that’s good about the tried-and-tested “green egg” style cooker and updates it with connectivity and convenience."

Great Outdoor Awards 2020: Must Have Grill

“Meet the first charcoal grill that allows you to set and hold your desired temperature.”

Al Fresco Apparatus: Outdoor furniture that puts a spin on garden design

"Spark delivers all the flavor of cooking with natural wood and charcoal at the push of an ignition button."

The Cleverest Awards 2020: 50 Products That Work Harder in Your Home

“The Spark is a standout in an industry not particularly known for style.”

Best New Outdoor Products for City Living

“Spark combines a moderne design, a proprietary brick system, and an app to easily calibrate temperature and cook time.”

Invention Alert: Order Pizza with the Press of a Button

It's about to get way too easy to order a pizza. According to Foodbeast, istrategyLabs just released an invention called the PiePal. It gives customers the ability to order pizzas with just a single touch of a button. Apparently the product was made with a miniature computer and LED lights. A user simply chooses the number of pizzas, presses the button, and voilà, a Domino's pizza (or pizzas) will arrive at your doorstep. We're guessing there's probably some initial setup involved to input credit card information and the address, but this is definitely the epitome of low maintenance food ordering. PiePal isn't currently for sale, but the company is looking for "Beta Tasters" on its website.

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Quesadilla Maker

Hamilton Beach

Quesadilla maker,, $70, shop now

Give the gift of perfect quesadillas with the Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker. This gift is perfect for any college student, or anyone who loves melted cheese pressed between two crispy tortillas. This gift will keep on giving warm and crispy quesadillas for years to come.