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Eat Like a Super Bowl Champ

Eat Like a Super Bowl Champ

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Ravens versus 49ers, Super Bowl XLVII — who’s going to win? If you’re the betting type, you know conventional wisdom favors the 49ers. At last check according to Bovada, the 49ers are four-point favorites (with the over/under at 48 points). All the training, the drills, the practices, it comes down to one day, one game — so the players better be ready. One of the ways they’ll be doing that is to make sure they’re eating right. But will they stick to their diets?

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Athletes are commonly praised for their physique and dedication to diet, but just like everyone else they enjoy an unhealthy snack from time to time. After spending hours lifting weights at the gym, it would be hard for anyone to not want to snack on a favorite sinful treat. Whether it be chocolate, nachos, pizza logs, or ice cream, professional athletes also have a soft spot for some of the most unhealthy snack foods.

As the San Francisco 49ers get ready to face off against the Baltimore Ravens in the 47th Super Bowl, the players should probably be trying to keep their diets in check. At least, if they’re going to follow conventional wisdom about football diet and nutrition, they should avoid fast food and soda. After all, "You can't perform at your peak when you're eating food that is over-processed and made for mass production." Right?

And some athletes do really take that to heart. Take for example the Ravens’ Ray Lewis. "His diet is so ridiculous, even the people around him have to adjust," said Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs of his teammate Lewis to USA Today. "It's crazy. Last week, I'm eating a bag of chips, and he throws 'em away."

But not all players are as health conscious as Lewis. Some find the temptation a little harder to avoid. Potato chips, pancakes, and bacon are just some of the items on this list of Super Bowl players’ favorite snacks (you’ll be surprised who loves brownies). "Staying away from the fried foods was really hard at first," said Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, in an interview with "It's definitely hard going home and not having a home-cooked meal."

So before you place bets on the game you may want to find out which players have weaknesses for what, and how likely they are to be sticking to their dietary game plan.