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11 Leaf-Peeping Picnic Spots Around the World

11 Leaf-Peeping Picnic Spots Around the World

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Plan a picnic in these gorgeous outdoor spots to let the leaves get you in the spirit of fall

Fall foliage in Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco.

With just the hint of a chill in the air, expansive fashion options and the promise of an impending love affair with your slow-cooker, fall is definitely a season to make the most of. There are pumpkin recipes of all sorts in abundance and, most special of all, it’s the season with the most opportunities for food to bring families together (Thanksgiving is almost here, with Christmas on the horizon).

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Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean spontaneous outings and impromptu outdoor adventures have to end with it. We can keep the adventurous spirit of summer in the air for a couple more months until the idea of winter, whatever each area’s temperature may be, drives most of us into warm homes and blanket cocoons. That means before there are fireplaces ablaze, snow on the ground in northern Europe and hats being pulled out of closets, it’s time to explore outside and relish the leaves as they change color with the people you love most – what better way to do that than on a picnic? Whether you’re in England, Japan or California, there are countless areas filled with opportunities to breathe in fall air and lose yourself in crackly, orange-hued falling leaves.

Pack up your favorite foods with the easiest recipes and head out the door to these seven picnic destinations around the world – among the most picturesque fall foliage.

Primrose Hill (London)

Picnicking in this northern section of Regent’s Park means an incredible view of central London and being surrounded by some of the loveliest fall foliage the city has to offer. With an open-air theatre and a children’s playground, the hill has something for everyone to do after filling up on traditional British sausage rolls and scotch eggs. In mid-October, the park will host the Frieze Art Fair, where you can see thought-provoking work from contemporary artists.

El Retiro Park (Madrid)

This park in Spain’s capital boasts a greenhouse-turned-art gallery, opportunities to row on an expansive lake and an open green space perfect for snacking on a bocadillo de calamares, or the city’s famous fried squid sandwich. Puppet shows, street artists and fortune tellers abound here, among 15,000 trees that beautifully show the changing seasons in mid-October until early November.

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