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Spring cake

Spring cake

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Make a fine cream of yolks and sugar, gradually add water, oil then flour mixed with baking powder and finally beaten egg whites with a pinch of salt, after mixing with a spatula, pour into the baking paper tray and leave in the oven 30-40min

In a bowl, mix the cheese passed through a sieve so that it is not lumpy, with yogurt, sugar, flavors and at the end with whipped cream.

Drain the fruit from the compote, put 5 tablespoons of juice in a small bowl and melt the hydrated gelatin on a bain-marie, mix until it dissolves then incorporate it into the cream cheese;

Put the top on a plate, insert the ring again, put a few tablespoons of cream on top, fruit on top, cover with the rest of the cream, level the surface and leave in the fridge until the next day when we take out the ring and decorate the cake.


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