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Georgia Man Pulls Gun on Burger King Employees for Slow Service

Georgia Man Pulls Gun on Burger King Employees for Slow Service

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Slow food but fast justice!


A Lawrenceville, Georgia, man and his family became so impatient during their trip to Burger King that they reportedly threw drinks at members of the staff and eventually brandished a gun in the restaurant. 23 and encountered a long wait for service.

Brown claims that after he asked the Burger King manager multiple times to get off her phone and help the line of customers, the woman threw a cup of cold liquid at him, then one of hot coffee, and finally threatened to throw boiling oil. In response, he threw a drink back at the manager — and his wife brought him a gun from their car. He says he only tucked it into his pants and didn't threaten anyone with it.

After police viewed surveillance footage, Brown was arrested, while the manager who had allegedly thrown beverages at him was not. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Brown has been charged with simple battery, battery aggravated assault, criminal trespass damage, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a felony, misdemeanor third-degree child cruelty, and felony third-degree child cruelty. Think you won’t forget this Burger King incident? These are the 9 most memorable crimes that happened at fast food restaurants.