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Babuska cake - I turned 35 !!

Babuska cake - I turned 35 !!

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Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites until stiff and add the sugar, then mix with the yolks rubbed with lemon juice and peel, then the flour mixed with the baking powder. Grease a round tray with a detachable edge with butter and cover with flour. Pour the top composition and bake for about 25 minutes. Remove when baked and when cooled, cut into 2 slices and top with syrup in water with sugar and rum.

Cheese cream rub the cottage cheese and mascarpone with the sugar and lemon peel. Add the lemon juice. Soak the gelatin in 200 ml of water for 10 minutes, then boil for 1 minute and leave to cool. add it in the cream cheese. Beat the cream cold and add it in the cream cheese. Leave it to cool a bit.

Chocolate cream it is made by mixing eggs with sugar and milk on the fire in a bain-marie, after which the grated or chopped chocolate is added with a small knife. Beat the margarine (or butter) foam and then add it in the chocolate cream.

The top cut in 2 and in syrup is placed again in the tray with a detachable edge, first the puddle first, then half of the white cream cheese with lemon, then we pour all the chocolate cream, then we put the second top, then here is the white cream and on top we decorate with black and white zigzag duo icing after which we place the milka chocolate popcorn in circles.

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